Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day in the Life...

This may or may not be a typical day in the life of the 30-something premed:

5:30am-alarm goes off, begin bartering with yourself over today's activities. If you get up to work out, then you can take a nap later. You know this won't happen but, for some reason you believe yourself, and get out of bed.

5:40- Check face book.

5:45- leave for the gym, spend the next hour convincing yourself that exercise is good for you. Really.

6:45- head home. Find hubby scrounging through the cabinets trying to figure out what is for breakfast since you, with all your free time, have still not gotten around to buying groceries

7:15- shower, get dressed, attempt to fix hair and apply make-up.

7:50- ship husband and oldest son out the door, frantically search for the rest of your children and their belongings.

8:15- take rest of school age crew to their destination.

8:20- Come home with 4 year old who commences to tell you that he wet the bed last night. Throw 4 year old in tub & proceed with operation fastest bath ever, grab wet sheets off bed, head to laundry room where you discover you sort of left a load of laundry in the washer for a few days. Rewash said load.

9:00 - Spend next 30 minutes desperately trying to tidy neglected house.

9:30- sit down and watch Diego with clean 4 year old.

Then- leave for class, spend hours absorbing more information than your aging brain can legally handle.

The rest of the day goes a bit like this: Pick up kids, make snack, help with homework, work on your own homework, run to gymnastics, run home, answer a million questions, realize that you forgot to put the sheets in the washer 5 minutes before bed time, pull out a sleeping bag from the camping supplies, realize how sweet peace actually sounds and....

Fall asleep.

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