Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Border line crazy

There, I said it. This is nuts.

Who on earth told me that I could do this?

Home school 4 children, take care of a grandpa AND go back to school?

I must be border-line crazy.

Or all out crazy.

The good news is....I only have 1 week to go in the semester. At this time next week I will be cramming chemistry down my throat like it was a deep dish Chicago-style pizza.

Only less tasty.

In the meantime, I gave my biology presentation and turned in a paper for that today.

I have a chemistry EXAM tomorrow.

A biology EXAM the next day (not to mention two separate doc appts that I get to take people to).

And a Chem final next Wednesday.

And that's it. Not too bad, really.

Then Christmas. Oh yeah! Forgot about that! Shopping? Decorating? Baking?

Wait. I did bake with the boys today.

Turns out chocolate is good for the brain.

And...that I like crazy.

Just wait until I tell you what classes I'm taking NEXT semester!

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