Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Proud Pre-Med Mama Moment

Today while speaking with my chemistry prof, my 4 year old made me one proud Mama.

Here's the tale:

Wednesday, whilst shadowing a doc, I asked about the differences in "new breeds" of medication. He answered and I had no idea what he said. He sort of sounded like the teacher on Charlie Brown. I mean, I caught a few of the words but...not enough.

So I asked my Chem prof today.

He whipped out his models and was showing me the differences in left handed and right handed isomers and really, I understood what he meant.

Apparently, so did my 4 year old.

He said, "Hey those colors match!"

To which CP (chem prof) responded, "That's right, there's blue, green and white..."

4yo: "Wait, White is NOT a color."

CP: "um, what did he just say?"

Yup, I'm raising a little army of nerds. And I am PROUD of it.

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