Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday (clever title, eh?)

It's Saturday.

Aren't you supposed to get to sleep until noon on Saturday?

Yeah, but not me. Today I will be:

1. Writing TWO separate reports
2. Taking ONE practice test
3. Taking TWO online quizzes
4. Redoing ONE biology exam for extra credit
5. Making a menu for a family of 7 to last until December
6. Cleaning the house of 7 people for the first time since September. (JUST kidding...sort of)
7. Grading my 5th graders math from last week
8. Making next week's lesson plans
9. Smacking myself on the head repeatedly while chanting "what was I thinking? what was I thinking? what was I thinking?"

So, go out and enjoy your Saturday and pity me. I will gladly accept it.

I made my if only I could lie in it!

...what was I thinking....

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