Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Class Politics

I bet you didn't know this about me (and that should be no surprise since a lot of you DON'T know me at all) but, I was class president my first time around in college.

That's right. Me. Junior and Senior Year. The Pres.

Well, apparently it's that time of year at school. Time to run for student council!

Oh, the flashbacks. Think I should run again?

Just kidding.

Apparently they have rules about that...but I digress.

One young lady hopped up in front of Bio class today and declared her candidacy for Freshman Class President. She went on to give a rather lengthy speech about how she has great plans for the class and all the wonderful things she wants to do.

.....sigh.....the memories......

And then she said, "So, if you have any great ideas you would like to share with me, I'd love to hear them. And if I agree with them, then I might do something about it. Or I'll just do what I want."

Think I have a chance if I run against her?

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