Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My 2nd admissions email

I won't lie to ya, I already got an email from a prestigious school in the Midwest that pretty much scared the snot out of me and I can pretty much guarantee that unless I get a perfect score on the MCAT's I won't be attending...that and a full ride but...I digress.


Here is my 2nd email from an admissions rep:
30-something premed,
Thank you for your interest in ________. Applying to medical school is a very competitive process in which there are no guarantees of acceptance. Although we have no specific pre-requisites we do recommend several courses to prepare you for the MCAT and for success in medical school. Those courses can be found at _______. A potential applicant should also be exploring his/her interest in medicine with some direct exposure to the field. This can be done through physician shadowing or through volunteering in a hospital or clinic. A good score on the MCAT is important, but it is only one part of a holistic review process that takes place for every applicant. Good luck!

I'm a little scared....

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