Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hands-on Experience

My son fractured his elbow today. Loads of fun, really

But here is what I took away from my experience. Call me emotional or whatever. Call it hospital lunacy. Driven mad by hours in waiting room syndrome. Or something. But.....

So far, I haven't gotten a lot of support from the people around me on this whole "going back to school" thing. I usually get told that I'm crazy or asked how I am going to handle doing everything. There have been some eye-rolls, too.

Sad. I know.

But when we were at the orthopedics today (who ROCKED by the way...I may have found my new calling!), they asked if I was in medicine and I said, "well, not really, I just started my pre-med courses", they went crazy! I mean, took me out and explained to me, in detail, the x-rays and what each line meant and what each blob meant, asked me about my questions, told me how excited they were for me...I mean...over the top but STILL! It felt so good to be encouraged!

Now. This isn't to say that there are not people around me who DO encourage me, it's just they are a whole lot quieter than the not so encouraging people.

And, truthfully, I should probably have blogged more about my son's soccer injury but...well...he's in a cast for 2-6 weeks and that's about all there is to share, really.

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