Monday, September 14, 2009

What just happened?

We just had our first group work project. I'm not so good at group work. I'm just not. I like to do things myself but, let me just tell you that I was SO grateful that a group of girls let me into their group. Phew!

The assignment was to answer a question and then write a brief paragraph discussing our answer. Pretty simple and I thought we did just fine.

Until I heard the first groups answer. YIKES!

Honestly, I thought they copied their answer out of Encylopedia Brittanica (if that still exists.).

And then we had to answer. I started with "Well, our answer isn't quite so flowery but here goes!"

Maybe it was the wrong thing to say....

After the class, I approached this other group and just asked where they got their information. I meant no harm. Really.

Her response. "From our brains."

(insert look of surprise on my face) "Oh"

"Yeah, see, WE just graduated from highschool last year, so all this biology vocabulary is still fresh in our minds. Maybe if YOU had just graduated, you could remember it to."

Ouch. What just happened there?

I about died laughing as I walked away and sat down to read my latest copy of AARP's monthly record...

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