Friday, September 18, 2009

Dear Couple in Love

Dear Couple in Love,

I know how you feel. I remember being that head over heels in love with my man way back in the day. The anxiety of being separated from him for an eternity (aka, 50 minute class).

However, if you must participate in a 10 minute lip-lock, please do not block the entrance to my classroom, thus forcing your fellow students to awkwardly sidle past you and the excessive amounts of drool puddling on the floor.

Thank you very much,

The 30something premed


  1. Ahhh....I love this! who on a college campus has not fallen victim to having to awkwardly slide past the obnoxious pda couple?!

  2. Just think, if they keep it up, someday they may be blogging about their four boys and a re-return to school!