Monday, September 21, 2009

The First Exam

I am a Type A personality.

I like everything in it's place and I like things to go exactly the way I have planned them.

Just so you know...

I also don't like to get bad grades. Ever.

In fact, the first time I was in college I had to take golf and bowling....I got a C in those classes. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Totally ruined my GPA and to this day I despise both activities. Who gets a C in bowling. For. Real.

So, along comes our first Chemistry exam. No big deal...only it's a VERY big deal and I've spent a lot of time studying.

In fact, just last night, I was staring longingly at the clock wondering when would be considered TOO early to put the boys to bed. 5? 6?

What are the odds that I'm the only Pre-med major out there thinking those thoughts?

Cuz, let me just tell ya, I can't stay up all night studying anymore.

And, 4 boys don't allow you to study AT all, at least while they are awake.

6:30. 6:30 sounds like a reasonable bed time, don't ya think?

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